Varuh ДЌlovekovih pravic

Free newsletter "The Ombudsman – how to protect your rights"

On 10 December 2003 the office of ombudsman Matjaz Hanzek published the first edition of a free newsletter entitled "The Ombudsman - How to Protect Your Rights".

The main aim of the newsletter was to educate people about their rights, show them ways to seek help and redress wrongs and in this way contribute to reducing violations.

The newsletter was published three times a year with an aim to reach those people who are bypassed by the mass media information, teach them about their rights and empover them to seek their rights for themselves.

The newsletter was available at administrative units, hospitals, clinics, libraries, employment offices, pupils’ boarding houses and university halls of residence, faculties, old people’s homes, non-governmental organisations, social services centres, prisons, police stations, etc.