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Accessibility statement

The Human Rights Ombudsman of the Republic of Slovenia enables the accessibility of the website in accordance with the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 30/18) to a wider circle of web users.

In particular, by redesigning the website, usability to several vulnerable groups have been adapted:

  • for those with visual impairment (partial or complete inability to see or perceive color contrasts);
  • for those with hearing impairment (some users have impaired hearing ability).
  • for those with limited motor skills (users may have difficulty moving body parts, including precise movements such as using a mouse);
  • for those with photosensitivity (flickering contents can trigger seizures in people with epilepsy);
  • for those with various cognitive impairments (there are also a number of conditions that affect cognitive abilities such as dementia and dyslexia).

To ensure legal accessibility requirements, some adaptations have been made possible through the accessibility plug-in or in other ways, such as:

  • the website adapts to the size of the user's screen without changing the structure of the website or losing content;
  • appropriate color contrasts (between text and background);
  • page size can be increased by 200 percent without losing content or functionality;
  • the site works predictably;
  • the user can move around the website using the keyboard, the use of a mouse is not necessary. A user who uses only the keyboard cannot find himself in a situation where his continued use of the site would depend on the use of a mouse.
  • certain contents (information leaflet) are equipped with interpretation into Slovene sign language;
  • the possibility of custom typography (for dyslexics and other people with cognitive problems);
  • web page does not contain flashing content, and animations can be stopped with an accessibility plug-in. The website is safe to use for all groups of users to whom flash changes and flashing elements could cause various reactions or attacks.
  • enabled to equip images with alternative text (for the visually impaired);
  • different levels of addresses can be used;
  • display content for users of assistive technologies (for example: screen readers, braille bar).
  • no content on the website is limited in time and does not expire.

Degree of compliance

The website is partly in accordance with the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications Act due to the exceptions listed below.

Unavailable content

The accessibility of the website is constantly monitored and individual elements of accessibility are continuously improved. However, some published content does not meet all accessibility requirements as set out in the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications Act, as the content has been published on the website since 1997, however, some content cannot be displayed other than in attachments and tables due to excessive organizational burdens on the website owner.

Examples of such content are:

scanned documents in PDF format;
program-generated documents (eg annual reports);
complex data tables and image tables;
undescribed photographs and video content of an older date.

This statement was made on 14 September 2020 on the basis of a self-assessment.
It was last reviewed on September 21, 2020.

Feedback and contact information

Due to very frequent content updates, visitors can occasionally encounter accessibility problems when browsing the website, despite efforts to make all websites as accessible and user-friendly as possible, which we will try to eliminate with your help.

Notification of possible cases of non-compliance of publications with the provisions of the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications Act and requests for information in accessible form can be sent by regular mail or e-mail to or write to:

The Human rights Ombudsman of the Republic of Slovenia
Dunajska 56
1000 Ljubljana

Telephone: 01 475 00 50

You will receive a reply within eight days of receiving the notification or request. If we are unable to provide an appropriate response within this period, we will let you know when the response will be given and the reasons for the delay in the response.

Enforcement proceedings

In the event of unsatisfactory responses to any notice or request sent in accordance with Article 8 of the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications Act, you may submit a report to the information society inspectors by regular mail or e-mail to:

Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia for information society
Ministry of Digital Transformation

Davčna ulica 1
1000 Ljubljana