Varuh ДЌlovekovih pravic


The Ombudsman of the Republic of Slovenia (the Ombudsman) restricts the authorities' arbitrariness in interfering with the human rights and fundamental freedoms of individuals and certain groups.

In his work, the Ombudsman is not limited to direct violations of the human rights and freedoms stated in the Constitution, but may act in regard of any violation of any individual right by the authorities.

It can also intervene in the case of unfair and poor management of state officials in relation to individuals. Considering the above, it has a significant impact on the development of legal and administrative culture in relations between state officials and individuals.

The Ombudsman is an autonomous body in relation to other state bodies.

The ombudsman regulates his organization and work in accordance with the law with the rules of procedure and other general acts.

The Ombudsman's influence is informal and has no decision-making power, so his power is also based on cooperation with the public. The Ombudsman does not use the argument of power, but the power of the argument. He presents arguments in various ways of communicating with the public.

In their work, the Ombudsman's staff necessarily establishes relations with various publics.

  • The Ombudsman's basic activity is resolving initiatives, which is why the initiators are among the most important target audiences.
  • In dealing with initiatives and resolving systemic problems encountered in doing so, the Ombudsman enters into relations with state bodies, local self-government bodies and holders of public authority.
  • Civil society can be a source of information on violations to the Ombudsman and / or a partner in proactive actions. Potential initiators also emerge from it, which is why awareness-raising and empowerment campaigns are also aimed at it.
  • The media are also a source of information for initiatives on their own initiative, we have in common the control of the work of public authorities, so they are a welcome partner in raising awareness. In this role, the media also set a mirror to the Ombudsman, and at the same time they can be potential violators of the rights of individuals, especially the right to privacy.
  • The Ombudsman, in cooperation with related institutions abroad, international and intergovernmental organizations, acquires information and knowledge in the field of protection of human rights and freedoms and at the same time transfers his knowledge and experience to others.