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Presentational brochures in other languages make it easier for everyone to find out about the Ombudsman’s work

The Human Rights Ombudsman (Ombudsman) has overhauled its foreign-language presentational brochures. These are available to speakers of Italian, Hungarian, one of the three variants of the Roma language in Slovenia, English and German who wish to contact the Ombudsman or are interested in what the Ombudsman does. The Ombudsman is keen to provide all members of national and ethnic groups who reside in Slovenia (indeed anyone who lives here and does not understand Slovenian) with easy-to-understand information on its mission and on the options they have for engaging the Ombudsman to help secure their rights. The brochures will also be available in printed form at the Ombudsman’s head office and other places. This will help people who do not have access to the internet or who are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information available online.

The brochures contain clear and transparent information on when an individual can contact the Ombudsman for help. They also outline the cases in which the Ombudsman is able to help remedy an irregularity or a violation of rights and freedoms. There is also a simple guide on how to write a petition. All foreign nationals residing in Slovenia are entitled to present a petition in their native language. Explanations are given on how the Ombudsman deals with cases, what its competencies are, and what it can and cannot do.

The Ombudsman will provide the brochures to those institutions it visits, and will also ensure that they are available in those municipalities in which members of the Hungarian and Italian national communities and the Roma community reside. Indeed, the Ombudsman is making efforts to step up its cooperation with local communities regarding certain issues relating to the exercise of human rights and good governance. 

Information brochure on the Ombudsman in Italian

Information brochure on the Ombudsman in Hungarian

Information brochure on the Ombudsman in Roma languages (for Roma from Prekmurje, Dolenjska and the former Yugoslavia)

Information brochure on the Ombudsman in English

Information brochure on the Ombudsman in German