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Presentation leaflet about the Ombudsman

Information about the institution of the Ombudsman

The Ombudsman has prepared his new presentation leaflet, which seeks to bring the population even closer, even to those who do not have access to the World Wide Web or do not find themselves in a flood of information. The leaflet presents in a clear and transparent way when individuals can turn to the Ombudsman for help and in which cases this institution can contribute to the elimination of irregularities and violations of rights and freedoms. It is also presented in a simple way, how individuals should write an initiative and how the procedure is conducted. The procedure is confidential, free and informal. It is also clearly explained what the Ombudsman can do, ie what his powers are and what he cannot do. The Ombudsman will equip the many institutions he visits with a leaflet. The goal is also to equip Slovenian municipalities with them. Namely, the Ombudsman institution strives for even more active cooperation with local communities on various issues related to the exercise of human rights as well as good governance.

Informative brochures about Ombudsman in Slovenia in slovenian and in foreign languages (ENG, IT, HUN, GER)

Informative brochures about Ombudsman in Slovenia in Roma languages