Varuh ДЌlovekovih pravic

Law on the Constitutional Court


Article 23

A request may be submitted by:

  • the National Assembly,
  • at least one third of the deputies of the National Assembly,
  • the National Council,
  • the government,
  • a court of law, the state prosecutor, the Bank of Slovenia, court of accounts if a question relating to constitutionality or legality arises during procedures they are conducting,
  • human rights ombudsman in association with individual cases it is discussing,
  • representative bodies of local communities, if the rights of a local community have been violated,
  • representatives of trade unions for the regions of the state, if the rights of workers have been violated.

Bodies from the preceding paragraph may not submit a request to begin the procedure for assessment of regulations and general acts issued for the execution of public authorisations which they themselves adopted. 


Article 50

Any person may, under the conditions determined by this Law, lodge a constitutional appeal with the Constitutional Court if he believes that his human rights and basic freedoms have been violated by a particular act of a state body, local community body or statutory authority.

The human rights ombudsman can, under the conditions defined by law, lodge a constitutional appeal with the Constitutional Court concerning a particular issue which it is discussing. 


Article 52

A constitutional appeal shall be lodged within 60 days after the day of the acceptance of a particular act against which a constitutional appeal is permitted.

A human rights ombudsman shall submit a constitutional appeal with the agreement of the person whose human rights or basic freedoms are being protected during a particular matter.

In specially founded cases the Constitutional Court may exceptionally decide on the constitutional appeal which has been lodged after the time-limit defined in the first paragraph of this article.