Varuh ДЌlovekovih pravic

Defence Act

Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No  103/2004


Article 52

(Protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms and the right to conscentious objection)


(1) A military person may initiate a commencement of a procedure with the Human Rights Ombudsman when he/she believes his/her rights and fundamental freedoms were limited or violated during the military service.  

(2) A military person shall have the right to conscentious objection to the command received, in accordance with the rules of the service.  The objection shall not stay the execution of the received command, except in case under the eighth paragraph of Article 43 of this Act.

(3) A military person shall have the right to religious spiritual care during the military service. Organization of the religious spiritual care  and the mode of exercising the right to this care shall be defined by the minister.