Varuh človekovih pravic

Responsibility of filmmakers and human righst

How we got from the 'eternal serpent' of a never ending-story to films

                                                                                 Nataša Kuzmič, Head of Public Relations and                                                                                  Head of the Project, December 2005

This year’s celebration of the rights is part of our efforts to create a tolerant society and a follow-up of last year's events, including the exhibition A never-ending story of intolerance, where we presented various cases of intolerance and its effects. This year we will try to find out what we can do to create a tolerant society and use these findings as practical guidelines for further action.

The reflections on the role of artists in creating a tolerant society have led us this year to the sphere of film-making. Some thoughts about the freedom of creation and  its limitations (responsibilities) are published in the Ombudsman’s free Newsletter "How to Protect Your Rights", and others will come out during the talk show to be held on Friday 9 December 2005 between 4 and 6 p.m. in the Kinodvor Hall. The "velvet" radio speaker Jure Longyka will be guiding the streams of thoughts.

While searching for data on film producers, a database of the already accomplished film works, either dealing with human rights or warning of a certain social context where violations of human rights easily occur, was automatically created. The first marathon of Slovenian films on human rights was thus set up.

The purpose of the films selected was, in particular, to illustrate the work of the Human Rights Ombudsman of the Republic of Slovenia. This selection is therefore a kind of "curtailed annual report of the Ombudsman". Namely, in the annual report to the National Assembly, the Ombudsman presents his activities: he reports the cases of violations which he came across and was handling; points to certain irregularities in the system from the point of view of the human rights, and expresses expectations for a positive outcome, i.e. solutions. The selection of films is a small piece taken from a great amount of works pointing to the violations of rights in all periods and presenting some of the most vulnerable groups which are often victims of violations.

The selected films try to show that the protection of our rights has to be persistent, since those who are in the position of power today can become those whose rights are violated tomorrow.

Finally, the selected films try to say that in order to create life in a more tolerant society "we need to put on slippers" instead of "covering the world with a carpet".



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