Varuh človekovih pravic

Poverty and human rights

The Human rights Ombudsman of the Republic of Slovenia prepared, in cooperation with the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia, a one-day consultation 'Poverty and Human Rights'.

The patron of honour was President of the Republic Dr. Danilo Türk.
The consultation was held in the National Council Hall, Šubičeva 4 in Ljubljana, on 20 May 2008 from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m.

The consultation dealt with contemporary issues related to poverty. We tried to identify possible ways of tackling these issues. Poverty is also seen as violation of human rights and human dignity, therefore the participants were acquainted with the envisaged measures on how to reduce it, and theoretical presentations were accompanied by examples of good practice in dealing with poverty.

After the consultation, the findings and assessments of the consultation were presented at web pages and Those who wanted to present their ideas on the topic, also after the consultation, could do so through the online form between 20 and 30 May 2008.