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Advertising campaign “Children’s rights are the law!”

In 2003 on 10 December 2003 the ombudsman’s office launched an advertising campaign entitled ‘Children’s rights are the law!’, aimed at the promotion of children’s rights. Since the majority of violations of children’s rights are caused by adults, often the parents of children, it is adults who were the target group of the campaign. The mass media enabled us free broadcasting of three television advertisements. We have also reserved the back page of the newsletter for a social advertisement, where each issue will feature one of the problems presented in the television advertisements. The campaign continued also in 2004.

The strategy for the advertising campaign was devised in its entirety at the ombudsman’s office. In addition to the strategy we devised scenarios for individual advertisements and proposals and designs for the print advertisements. A good campaign depends on good knowledge of the target group. We have this knowledge thanks to the cases we deal with and our collaboration with various experts and practicians and NGOs. This is the advantage of an institution that works at both the concrete and general levels, since knowledge of concrete cases enables better knowledge of the target group and thus more effective promotion and education.