Varuh ДЌlovekovih pravic

The Peace Light of Bethlehem is again brought to the Human Rights Ombudsman

The Slovenian Scouts brought the Light of Peace from Bethlehem to the Ombudsman Peter Svetina. This year's message, Rise and Shine! encourages us to keep our humanity alive, despite the various crises and afflictions faced by humankind, and to nurture the light, and care for one another, even in times when fear wants to prevail.

The Ombudsman was delighted by their message as these are the same words he used when addressing a recent reception marking International Human Rights Day. He reminded those present sporocila-za-javnost/novica/poslanica-varuha-clovekovih-pravic-petra-svetine-ob-mednarodnem-dnevu-clovekoviih-pravic/to pay particular attention to the words person and love, and expressed the conviction that “when we love others, the decisions we make also have a positive impact on others. Through care and compassion for our fellow human beings, we create the conditions for a higher quality of life not only for them, but for the whole community. For all of us.”

 “Our lighting of the Light of Peace from Bethlehem this year should be above all in small, mundane and casual acts of kindness that can be overlooked if we are not aware of their great significance. We must not be indifferent to what is going on, and must allow this gentle tingling in our hearts to drive us to an active response. This will bring about a story of peace, respect and love, written each year by Christmas and its messenger, the Light of Peace from Bethlehem," added the Scouts.