Varuh človekovih pravic

International cooperation


With related institutions (ombudsmen)

  • IOI - International Ombudsman Institute. We meet on a regular basis on annual general meetings and elect regional directors of IOI. The first ombudsman, Ivan Bizjak, and the second, Matjaž Hanžek, were the regional director of the IOI for Central and Eastern Europe (4-year term).
  • AOM - Mediterranean Ombudsman Network
  • CRONSEE - South East Europe Network of Ombudsmen for protection of Childrens Rights: regular annual meetings on the specific topics.
  • ENOC - European Network for Children: regular annual meetings on the specific topics, exchanging good practice and reporting about protection of children's rights in Slovenia. HRO in Slovenia is a member of this network since 2003.
  • SEE NPM - National Preventive Mechanisms network for South-East Europe

With the institutions of the Council of Europe

With the institutions of the United Nations

With the institutions of the European Union

  • EUROPEAN OMBUDSMAN - We cooperate with this institution, which is not the Ombudsman's supervisory institution in Slovenia, in the framework of Liason officer meetings and we meet with him on various occasions. The European Ombudsman Nikiforus Diamandouros visited Slovenia in 2003, and in 2006 he participated as an honorary member in the conference Facing Discrimination, prepared by the institution of the Ombudsman of the Republic of Slovenia.
  • FRA - European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights
  • EU Court of Justice in Luxembourg
  • European Commision Initiative against Discrimination

OSCE (OSCE) - Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe


The ongoing armed attack on Ukraine has displaced over eight million people and forced nearly five million to flee the country. The human rights consequences – particularly for those seeking refuge – have been immense. Therefore, the National Human Rights Institutions, as protectors and promoters of human rights in (post)conflict situations, reacted immediately. On this website, it is possible to follow NHRI responses to the armed conflict in Ukraine, as well as how NHRIs across Europe are dealing with the many human rights challenges arising from the conflict in Ukraine.