Varuh ДЌlovekovih pravic


Following the working discussion we held two seminars on discrimination in the workplace, the first devoted to the public sector, and the second to the private sector. The first part was devoted to activities designed to help recognise discrimination and confront prejudices, stereotypes and other forms and mechanisms of discrimination. In the second part, the participants deepened their understanding of key concepts and definitions deriving from Community law and the relevant directives of the European Council. The third part was devoted to the study of cases and Slovenia's legal system, and in particular to certain open questions relating to practice in this area.
In view of certain shortcomings in substantive law, there are also questions to be answered with regard to the coordination of competent bodies, while the question raises itself of the use (or otherwise) of the principle of shared burden of proof in individual procedures; we also gave particular consideration to the legal position of the victim of discrimination and of those who offer him/her (legal) aid.

The participants of this seminar likewise confirmed the need for more effective legislation and systematic regulation in this area, the need to obtain additional knowledge about discrimination, and the need for connections between different institutions. They also expressed a need for greater inclusion of trade unions and employers in eliminating discrimination in the workplace.