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1st Days of Advocacy 2009

The group for the implementation of the pilot project Advocate - the voice of the child at the Human Rights Ombudsman and the SKUP - The Community of private institutions organized a conference on the 1st day of advocacy 2009 at the Hotel Kokra in Brdo pri Kranju on 2 December 2009.

The organizers decided to prepare for the conference, since development has been noticed in this area in recent years in the form of pilot projects (advocacy of children), adoption of legislation (in the field of mental health and prevention of family violence), on some areas the need for development was merging (advocacy for the elderly and the disabled).

190 participants gathered on the 1 st Advocacy Days 2009  to discuss the problems of the target groups who need help from the advocates. The conference was also an opportunity to recognize important actors in the field of advocacy, to inform the professional and general public about the needs for advocacy, and to create a vision for the development and implementation of advocacy activities.