Varuh ДЌlovekovih pravic

The Turkish delegation wishes to hear Slovenian colleagues’ experience for the strengthening of capabilities of the Turkish Ombudsman

Varuh človekovih pravic Peter Svetina pozdravlja člane turške delegacije, ki je na študjskem obisku v Sloveniji

On 28 February 2023, representatives of the Turkish Ombudsman visited Slovenia on a study visit within the project of the European Union. They were getting to know the best practices and experiences of various ombudsman institutions or national human rights institutions with the aim of increasing the institutional capacity of the Turkish Ombudsman. So far, they have undertaken six study visits to various countries of the European Union, and from the visit to Slovenia they expect a detailed outline of the powers of the Ombudsman, the course of management of initiatives, a breakdown of the structure of the institution, and answers to many other questions related to the activities of the Ombudsman.

The guests were greeted by the Ombudsman Peter Svetina, who expressed his condolences over the recent earthquake in Turkey, which claimed a huge number of victims. “There are no words which could ease the pain of all who lost their loved ones. Houses can be rebuilt and the economy revived, while the touch of loved ones cannot be returned, hence we hope that people in their grief will receive the appropriate attention and help of various services,” said the Ombudsman. He expressed his hope that today's visit will be the beginning of fruitful cooperation between the institutions and emphasised that strengthening the potential of institutions for the protection of human rights is essential, as the challenges in the international field in the protection of rights are inexhaustible.

Deputy Ombudsman Miha Horvat presented to the representatives of the delegation led by Deputy Ombudsman Sadettin Kalkan the structure of the Ombudsman's institution, its priorities, the operation of the Center for Human Rights, the National Preventive Mechanism, and the Advocacy Service, outlined the importance of the Council of the Ombudsman for Human Rights, and touched upon the practical resolution of complaints received by the institution of the Human Rights Ombudsman.