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The Ombudsman warns about the increase in violence against children

At the International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression, which is marked every 4 June, the Ombudsman stressed that we need to have zero tolerance towards all forms of violence. “During the last two years. we have worryingly seen an increase in violence against children. Unfortunately, this is usually hidden because it happens within four walls. Our duty is to report it and not remain quiet if we see such violence or receive information on it. We need to know that, in addition to the mental, physical, economic and sexual violence, there is also the violence of neglecting children,” noted Peter Svetina.

The Ombudsman has often noted that the competent institutions must respond in a timely, professional and determined manner in cases related to violence against children. It is unacceptable that these processes take an unreasonably long time, the result of which is the further destruction of the victims’ childhoods.

“I am happy to know that Slovenia, after many years of endeavour, even by the Ombudsman, recently obtained a Children’s House. The information from the Reclaim the Power Association NGO, which also helps sexually abused children, shows that the number of reported sexual abuse cases against children during the Pandemic increased by one fifth in Slovenia. The Children’s House will provide them with a more friendly court procedure and psychosocial aid. I expect that the new option of caring for children will be in full swing, and that the victims will no longer be traumatised. I also call on the competent institutions again to focus more on the preventive programmes regarding domestic and peer violence,” noted Ombudsman Peter Svetina.