Varuh človekovih pravic

On the occasion of World Health Day, Human Rights Ombudsman Svetina about the importance of a high-quality healthcare system

Health is our greatest value and one of the fundamental human rights. Even at this time, when the new coronavirus disease has stopped us and forced us into isolation, the Human Rights Ombudsman advocates the idea that the state is to provide all residents with accessible and high-quality health services when needed.
"The Slovenian healthcare system has high-quality and excellently trained staff who make great efforts in caring for our health and saving lives in these difficult conditions," emphasised Ombudsman Peter Svetina. He has also expressed his thanks to all health workers and their support services for their help to others.

"I hope that by now we have all realised how important a high-quality healthcare system is for us all, and I also hope that we now know where to focus our efforts in the future." The Ombudsman staff are aware that regulating the healthcare system is a challenging issue, nevertheless, much will need to be done after the end of the epidemic, as solutions are being postponed from one year to another. We expect the government to provide through healthcare reforms accessible, high-quality and safe disease prevention, treatment and rehabilitation programmes, while reducing inequalities and providing accessible care to all demographic groups.

“The coronavirus disease will not defeat us, but it is certain that it has transformed and will continue to transform us into more compassionate people who, even when not moved by the current situation or by media stories, know how to join forces. We who cooperate and connect," emphasised the Ombudsman Peter Svetina.