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Ombudsman receives head of the European Commission Representation in Slovenia

Today, on 9 June 2022, the Human Rights Ombudsman Peter Svetina received for a presentation visit the head of the European Commission Representation in Slovenia, Jerneja Jug Jerše. They talked about the challenges faced by the EU Member States as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, migration, the war in Ukraine and other geopolitical risks. They also touched on the Conference on the Future of Europe, which, after a year of discussions with the public and other stakeholders, resulted in more than 300 specific proposals for action in various fields, from health, the environment, decision-making in the EU, external action of the Union and the economy, to the rule of law.

Ombudsman Svetina noted the importance of stronger links between institutions and the public, the rule of law, dialogue and solidarity, adding that the most difficult part of the consultations was yet to come. The final success of the conference, which ended in May 2022 and had the goal of building a better European future, will also depend on the implementation of the proposed measures.

At the same time, Svetina praised the responsiveness of the European institutions in helping Ukrainian refugees and welcomed the activation of the Temporary Protection Directive, which provides them with access to accommodation, employment, health care and education in the EU Member States. He also reiterated the importance of a single mechanism for monitoring refugees in EU countries and their non-discriminatory treatment and proper registration in order to protect them from possible abuse.

The pair also touched on cooperation between European and national institutions and international human rights associations, in which the Slovenian Ombudsman is exceptionally active. Ombudsman Svetina acquainted Jug Jerše with the general state of human rights in Slovenia and the work of the institution and presented to her the key points of the 2021 annual report of the Human Rights Ombudsman, which will be presented to the Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia next week.