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First Ombudsman's Corner in Slovenia opened in the Urban Municipality of Kranj

On 6 April 2022, Human Rights Ombudsman Peter Svetina, inaugurated the Ombudsman's Corner in the lobby of the Town Hall of the Urban Municipality of Kranj in the company of Mayor Matjaž Rakovec. The Urban Municipality of Kranj thus became the first Slovenian municipality with the Ombudsman's Corner. The purpose of the corner is to bring the institution of the Ombudsman closer to the broadest possible circle of people in their local environment.

The Human Rights Ombudsman every year receives thousands of letters and complaints from people who ask for help because they think their rights have been violated. The Ombudsman's Corner features a stand on which leaflets and brochures with useful information about the Ombudsman's work is available to residents, including the forms for submitting applications.

"We thoroughly examine the applications that we receive from people and react accordingly. We pay special attention to violations of children's rights, the rights of persons with disabilities, the elderly, foreigners and other population groups. If we identify irregularities, we propose that the authorities eliminate the identified violation or irregularity, suggest how to remedy it, or even request reimbursement of damages. With the Ombudsman's Corner, it will be even easier for us to get closer to residents in the local environment and help them if they find themselves in distress or have difficulty finding answers or explanations from various institutions or bodies," said Human Rights Ombudsman Peter Svetina.

"The municipality already has a safe point for children and a dementia-friendly point – both were established in 2021 –, and the Ombudsman's Corner is the latest addition. We strive to raise awareness of residents with a variety of topics, all of which stem from the respect for human rights. We want residents to be heard and respected in their local community. To this end, we would also like to bring the work of the Ombudsman closer to them. I am happy that the Human Rights Ombudsman started the presentation of the Ombudsman's Corner right here, in the Urban Municipality of Kranj," said Mayor Matjaž Rakovec.