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ENNHRI publishes report on strengthening human rights accountability at borders

As part of a project that also includes the Human Rights Ombudsman of the Republic of Slovenia, the European Network of National Human Rights Institutions published the Report on Strengthening Human Rights Accountability at Borders. The Report is based on last year’s report on Gaps in Human Rights Accountability at Borders and identifies the necessary steps for overcoming these gaps.

A large body of evidence gathered in recent years by various stakeholders – national human rights institutions, NGOs, journalists, and regional and international bodies – shows that serious violations of migrants' human rights are taking place at Europe's borders. The ENNHRI project is based on the recognition that the monitoring and reporting of violations must be upgraded to demand greater accountability of direct perpetrators and other responsible persons in order to ensure human rights compliance.

The report contains five key messages for national and regional authorities for enhancing human rights accountability at borders:

1. Accountability at borders requires proactive steps.

2. EU legislation and policy must contribute to bridging accountability gaps.

3. Accountability at borders must be considered part of respect for the rule of law.

4. Cross-border violations require cross-border solutions.

5. The response to the forced displacement from Ukraine shows that different approaches to managing migration are possible.

The Ombudsman hopes that this report will be able to support the ongoing work of European national institutions and other stakeholders calling for an end to violations at borders, and will serve as a basis for our joint strategic advocacy on this issue.