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By means of an analysis, the Ombudsman determines shortfalls when training public employees in state administration on human rights

Enhancing education and training on human rights is one of the priority tasks of the Human Rights Centre (Centre) operating within the framework of the Human Rights Ombudsman of the Republic of Slovenia (Ombudsman). To this end, the Centre prepared the analysis entitled Provision of training on human rights for public employees in state administration in Slovenia – Review of international standards, assessment of the situation and the analysis of training programmes provided by the Administration Academy (Ministry of Public Administration).

The Plan of Action for the Second Phase (2010–2014) of the World Programme for Human Rights Education and the sustainable development goals bind a country to comply with the minimum standards of training public employees on human rights. The review of international standards determined by the plan of action is provided in the first part of the analysis.

In the continuation, the analysis focuses on the review of the Ombudsman’s findings relating to the violations of human rights by the state administration as they arise from the Ombudsman’s annual reports 2017–2021. The analysis discusses the general training of public employees and training on human rights in Slovenia, as provided by the Administration Academy. The Ombudsman determined that the training on human rights for public employees receives insufficient attention. It should be enhanced within the framework of mandatory training for obtaining a title and mandatory training for top-level public employees trained in administration management, and within the framework of voluntary education, training and advanced training of public employees. Normative and actual substantive changes or upgrading of training programmes are necessary.

The Ombudsman commends the willingness of the Ministry of Public Administration and of the Administration Academy, expressed in their response to the draft analysis and the response report of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia to the 2021 Ombudsman’s Annual Report, that it is prepared to provide suitable training on human rights for public employees and officials in cooperation with the Ombudsman. To this end, the Ombudsman will continue to implement its activities in compliance with its powers.