Varuh ДЌlovekovih pravic

Dr. Kornelija Marzel

Deputy Ombudsman


  • 1989 – graduated from the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana, after having completed her studies at the College of Law in Maribor
  • 1989  - started working at the municipality of Slovenj Gradec where she was responsible for property law and denationalisation matters
  • 1990 - passed the professional examination in public administration
  • 1994  - passed the judicial examination in December
  • 1995 - she became Head of the Section of Administrative and Home Affairs in the Administrative Unit Slovenj Gradec
  • 1999  - completed Master's Degree in the Management of Non-Profit Organisations at the Faculty of Social Sciences in May
  • 2002 -  appointed as Head of the Administrative Unit Slovenj Gradec
  • 2007 – re-appointed as Head of the Administrative Unit Slovenj Gradec, but became Deputy Ombudsman the same year
  • 2013 - re-apointed as Deputy Ombudsman.
  • 23. 5. 2019 her mandate in the role of deputy ended

She authored several professional articles and cooperated with the project group for introducing the CAF into the Slovenian administration. She is an examiner for professional examinations in public administration in the fields of the constitutional system and the state administration, and for professional examination in the general administrative procedure. She was active in professional associations, like the Society for administrative internal affairs, and the Society of Lawyers in Koroška. In her leisure time she is active on the humanitarian field.