Varuh ДЌlovekovih pravic

Slovenian President talks with the Ombudsman about the importance of a society that is philanthropic, inclusive and mindful of everyone

Gasilska slika varuha in predsednika republike s sodelavci

Slovenia’s President Borut Pahor visited the Human Rights Ombudsman of Slovenia on 12 December 2022. Since 14 January 2019, when President Pahor proposed to the National Assembly that Peter Svetina should be appointed Human Rights Ombudsman, and after he was elected with 100% support, the two have met on numerous occasions. Not only when the Ombudsman has presented his annual report, but also in meetings to discuss current affairs and the state of human rights in Slovenia. On this occasion, Ombudsman Peter Svetina again thanked the president, whose term in office is coming to an end, for his trust and excellent cooperation, and above all for his work aimed at respecting every person’s dignity.

“Sensitivity to people’s actual problems, here and now, is our duty and responsibility. Through our daily work, decisions, and example we can actively contribute to our common welfare,” emphasised Svetina, thereby reminding us of his recent appeal for a philanthropic stance on Human Rights Day. Both the Ombudsman and the President agreed that when we are sensitive, active, considerate, humane and prepared to offer help, we celebrate Human Rights Day every day.

They also pointed out that it is everyone’s responsibility to root out inappropriate practices, as only through personal responsibility and care for people whose destinies are in our hands can we make society more philanthropic and inclusive, where no-one is forgotten.

The President wished the Ombudsman and his team much future success in carrying out their mission, and again called for respect for the role and decisions of all the state’s independent bodies, as these represent one of the essential cornerstones of democracy in the country and crucial building blocks of legal order. He also praised Svetina’s international work, where he is an esteemed speaker and dialog partner, which has in turn made the Slovenian Ombudsman’s Office a desired and respected partner. “I am pleased that through your activity and results on a European and global scale you confidently share Slovenian experience and practice with other Ombudsmen’s offices. “I value your activity in the  International Ombudsman Institute (IOI) and the Association of Mediterranean Ombudsmen (AOM), and also very strongly support your future engagement on the international stage.”