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Ombudsman receives new president of Court of Audit

Peter Svetina, the human rights ombudsman, has received Jana Ahčin, the new president of the Court of Audit, for a get-to-know-you visit. They spoke about the independence of the institutions that they head, and future cooperation.

They also touched on the as-yet-unrealised recommendations to all competent authorities (the finance ministry, the government and the National Assembly) to draft and adopt legal solutions in timely fashion to properly implement Constitutional Court decision number U-I474/18-17 of 10 December 2020 regarding the financial autonomy of independent government institutions in connection with the finding of unconstitutionality in respect of certain provisions of the Public Finances Act.

The Constitutional Court’s assessment was that the current arrangements allow the government or the ministry in question to have a dominant influence over the formulation of proposed funding requirements for the work of independent institutions.