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On the 31th January 2019 a 89 deputies in the National Assembly elected, upon the proposal of the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Peter Svetina as the fifth Slovene Human Rights Ombudsman, for a period of six years.

The mandat of his predecesor Vlasta Nussdorfer expired on 23.2.2019.

The third Slovene Human Rights Ombudsman was dr. Zdenka Čebašek - Travnik. Her mandate expired on 22. 2. 2013. The second Slovene Human Rights Ombudsman was Matjaž Hanžek. His mandate expired on 21. 2. 2007. The mandate of his predecessor, first ombudsman in Slovenia Ivan Bizjak, expired on 29. September 2000.

The Deputy Ombudsmen are Ivan Šelih and Miha Horvat.

The service of the Ombudsman is organized in the Office of the Human Rights Ombudsman, which consist of The Expert Service of the Ombudsman and The Secretary General's Office. The service of the OMbudsman is lead by General Secretary Kristijan Lovrak.

Director of the Ombudsman's Expert Service is Martina Ocepek.


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