Natisni vsebino


At the end of June, in collaboration with the Police Academy, we organised a seminar entitled “Law Enforcement Bodies Against Discrimination”, the most important element of which consisted of activities designed to raise participants' awareness of the importance of performing police functions without discrimination of any kind. The seminar was attended by 45 police officers from various police stations. For the first time, trained staff from the discrimination department at the Ombudsman's office put ourselves to the test as part of the training team.

At the end of the two-day seminar we asked the participants to tell us what they though about the seminar and what they would like to see at similar training sessions in the future. The participants confirmed that training of this type is absolutely necessary, not only for them but also for their colleagues and for future police officers. They were extremely satisfied with the interactive approach – since this gave them the opportunity to express their opinions, needs and difficulties. In general we can conclude that the collaboration of the Ombudsman and the Police was very successful and that a willingness exists for further collaboration between the two institutions in our common fight against discrimination.

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