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Study tour by the representatives of the National Preventive Mechanism (NPM) of Ukraine

15.12.2015 11:05
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In the period from 30 November 2015 to 12 December 2015, the National Preventive Mechanism (NPM) of the Republic of Slovenia and its Head, Ivan Šelih, Deputy Ombudsman, and members Robert Gačnik, Jure Markič and Lilijana Jazbec hosted representatives from the NPM of Ukraine (coming both from their national ombudsman and one of its partner NGO), namely: Yuri Belousov, Konstantyn Zaporzhtsev, Valeentyna Obolenzseva, Andriy Chernousov, Svitlana Shcerban, Maria Kolokova and Ivanna Dzhyma from OSCE, which organised this visit. The purpose of the visit by the Ukrainian NPM representatives was to exchange experience and to jointly conduct visits to selected institutions where persons are deprived of their liberty or subject to any restriction of movement.

On the first day, 30 November 2015, the Slovenian NPM members presented to their Ukrainian counterparts the activities of the Slovenian NPM with emphasis on cooperation with selected NGOs. Later on, they were shown the procedures for the preparation and conduct of visits to individual institutions like, for example, police stations, prisons, psychiatric hospitals and social care institutions. During and after each presentation of a visit to a relevant institution, an exchange of experiences and practices was held with the Ukrainian NPM representatives. At the close of the first day, Katarina Bervar Sternad, a contractual NGO representative and Director of the Legal Information Centre presented to the Ukrainian guests the field of cooperation between the Slovenian NPM and the NGOs.

The programme for 1 December 2015 included two visits; the first was a regular monitoring visit to Ig prison, which was followed by an inspection visit to the Ormož Psychiatric Hospital. The Ukrainian NPM representatives split into two groups to separately take part in the aforementioned visits. The visits were conducted in cooperation with the representatives of the Slovenian NPM contractual NGOs. After the visits, we exchanged experience with the present Ukrainian NPM members, and compared the positive and negative sides relating to the manner of visiting individual institutions.

On 2 December 2015, a regular monitoring visit was made to the Ljubljana Police detention centre. This visit was attended by all Ukrainian NPM representatives and one representative of the Slovenian NPM contractual NGO. Similarly like other visits, this one ended with an exchange of experience and a comparison of the good and bad points with respect to the manner of conducting each visit.

After visiting the Ljubljana Police detention centre, the Ukrainian NPM representatives attended a regular weekly (expanded) expert board of the Human Rights Ombudsman (Ombudsman). At this meeting, representatives of the Ukrainian NPM presented the activities of their NPM to all Ombudsman professional staff members. At the same time they gave some information on the number of institutions they visited, explaining to us the problems they encounter during their work.

We consider such forms of cooperation and exchange of experiences as very good and useful, due to which they will be continued in the future. Without any doubt, such exchanges contribute to improving the quality of visits to come, as they involve exchanges of good practice in preventive visits to institutions and their potential shortcomings.

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