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Ombudsman not getting involved in Janša tweet acrimony

24.03.2016 16:19
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The Human Rights Ombudsman plans to stay out of the acrimony triggered by a social media post by Democrat (SDS) leader Janez Janša, despite being asked by several media to comment.

"When the alleged violator is a subject that does not hold public office or power, the specific relationship cannot be the subject of the Ombudsman's consideration."

"This also applies to the recent case concerning a politician's contentious tweet," the Ombudsman's Office said on Thursday.

The Ombudsman regularly warns that politicians and all others public personas are expected to abide by high standards.

It may evaluate whether an event raises broader issues concerning human rights, but the circumstances surrounding Janša's tweet "are not sufficient for the conclusion that the state is not offering sufficient protection to individuals," the office said.

The reaction comes after Janša published on Tuesday a tweet to his almost 40,000 followers that translates as "the FB page of the public house is offering cheap services by washed up prostitutes Evgenija C and Mojca PŠ. One for 30 euros, the other for 35. #PimpMilan".

The tweet refers to journalist Eugenija Carl and news editor Mojca Pašek Šetinc and implies that public broadcaster RTV Slovenija is a brothel with Milan Kučan, the former Slovenian president, as a pimp.

It was posted just after TV Slovenija ran Carl's report showing several senior SDS members supporting a Facebook group called Legion of Death, which they denied joining voluntarily.

Both journalists said they would sue Janša for defamation and file criminal charges.


SOURCE: STA (Slovenian Press Agency)

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