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Ombudsman critical of politicians promulgating intolerance in refugee crisis

04.03.2016 12:24
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Ljubljana, 4 March - Human Rights Ombudsman Vlasta Nussdorfer has expressed concern over the general refugees situation as well over what she sees as intolerance towards refugees in Slovenia that is often promulgated even by MPs and mayors.

Nussdorfer, who gave an interview for Friday's edition of the Manager magazine, would like to see an ethical code adopted for politicians to clearly define acceptable behaviour.

"Intolerance is often even spreading from the National Assembly, from MPs, from mayors to the people," the ombudsman said in the wake of a series of protests in the country against refugees.

She said it was a fact that refugees would have to be accepted, since they had the right to apply for asylum.

Nussdorfer was especially critical of a teachers' petition against accommodating six refugee children at a Kranj dormitory.

"This is an institution that looks after children, which is why I feel such a response is a disgrace," she said, stressing that Slovenia was bound to provide a safe environment for children by international conventions.

Turning to the general situation, Nussdorfer said she was very worried by the situation in Greece, Turkey and Macedonia, noting "it is not clear where these people will go".

She argued that Europe's leaders should have already reacted after the Lampedusa tragedy, while being critical of how German Chancellor Angela Merkel invited people to Germany.

"What kind of an invitation is this when refugees need to walk across so many countries and be subjected to so many registrations and nights spent in the open?"

Nussdorfer, who feels safe zones should be organised near the war zones, neither finds it acceptable that likeable, strong and healthy refugees are welcome, while children, the elderly and disabled are rejected.

She is concerned about the situation of those who did make it to Europe. "These people are disappointed now, living in ghettos and even facing protests in some places. They will respond to this in different kinds of ways and this worries me."


SOURCE: Slovenian Press Agency (STA)

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