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MPs suported all Ombudsman's recommendations

21.11.2014 12:55
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The National Assembly got acquainted Friday with the 2013 Human Rights Report, with Ombudsman Vlasta Nussdorfer highlighting certain recommendations have been repeated for years, and warning about rushed legislative changes affecting people. MPs unanimously adopted all recommendations and called for appropriate measures.

The report is more extensive than in previous years, and it contains 150 recommendations, all of which have been assessed by relevant institutions as well-founded, Nussdorfer told the deputies.

The ombudsman's office last year recorded the biggest number of calls ever (11,800), as well as the biggest number of initiatives and visits.

Nussdorfer called on MPs to "deal less with themselves and think more about those who are out there, the elderly, the sick, the poor, the disabled".

The report, which was already discussed by the parliamentary Privileges and Credentials Commission, shows that the judiciary still works too slowly, with procedures lasting unacceptably long.

The most pressing area, according to Nussdorfer, is labour-related rights, as many of the complaints are brought by the unemployed.

Other issues highlighted in the report are hate speech, especially on the internet, as well as rights pertaining to healthcare, environment and local administration.

Justice Ministry State Secretary Darko Stare said that the report formed an excellent basis and guideline for the work of the executive branch in the field of human rights.

Deputy groups endorsed the work of the ombudsman and the 2013 report, and unanimously adopted all recommendations.

They also expressed the expectation that the report will be a basis for measures aimed at improving the social situation of citizens and ensuring the respect of human rights.

The MPs voiced regret that a large number of recommendations have had to be repeated for years, while Nussdorfer expressed hope that today's debate will bring progress.

Five recommendations have also been submitted for debate by the Privileges and Credentials Commission on the proposal from the opposition Democrats (SDS).

The National Assembly endorsed the recommendation to institutions and officials at all levels to implement the recommendations from the 2013 report and the recommendation for a decent burial for the victims of post-WWII killings.

Three recommendations related to the judiciary, housing issues and health care insurance were meanwhile rejected.


Source: STA (Slovenian Press Agency)

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