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Around 100 Children Sought Help in UNICEF Spots This Year

12.09.2014 11:25
Category: work and news

Ljubljana, 10 September (STA) - Around 100 children have sought help in UNICEF's safe spots around Slovenia so far this year, 27 of whom faced serious problems, UNICEF Slovenia representatives told the press on Wednesday as they presented the network which currently numbers around 500 safe spots in 30 cities and towns around the country.

The network, which has been developing for twelve years, offers refuge and help to children in any kind of hardship, including bullying in school, domestic violence and abuse.

Most of the children who seek help in UNICEF's safe spots are aged between 10 and 14, according to UNICEF Slovenia.

Safe places are organised in different facilities from pharmacies, florist shops and hair salons to libraries, stores and confectionery shops. This allows children to seek help anonymously.

In Ljubljana, children can also find refuge and look for help at the National Assembly, the Office of the Human Rights Ombudsman and the European Commission Representation Office.

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