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Advocate – a child’s voice

In September 2005, an initiative working group of initially three, and later several more professionals, representatives of the Human Rights Ombudsman, governmental and non-governmental organisations and children, was set up with the purpose of empowering children and young people in matters of their concern (in the cases where parents can not or may not participate – collision of interests). Following the analysis of the situation and the findings of the experts` meeting in April 2006, the group decided first to obtain answers to open issues through a pilot project which will serve as a basis for introducing the Advocate in the legislation.

The goal of the pilot project was to develop a model of the programme for a Children's Rights Advocate, who, in terms of ideas about its contents and organisation, could be included in the formal legal system thus ensuring its implementation at the national level. In line with the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the model should allow children to participate actively in the processes of decision-making.

The pilot project »ADVOCATE – A CHILD’S VOICE« was carried out in 2007 and 2008 in four locations: the Centre for hearing and speech correction Portorož and in the Social Work Centres Ljubljana Moste-Polje, Nova Gorica, and Sežana. The head of the project and the main coordinator comes from the Ombudsman’s office, while the work of participating centres is led by regional coordinators.

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