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Ombudsman Welcomes the Visit of the Hungarian Ambassador

Veleposlanik Madžarske in varuh pred zastavami

The Human Rights Ombudsman Peter Svetina welcomed the visit of the Hungarian Ambassador Andor Dávid. Among other topics, they discussed the position of the Hungarian Self-Governing National Community in Slovenia. The Ombudsman informed his guest about the recent operation outside the Ombudsman’s seat in Lendava, when his colleagues also conducted a talk with representatives of the national community.

The latter informed the Deputy Ombudsman about the issue of demonstrating the level of proficiency in the Hungarian language as a condition for employment in educational institutions, the matter of which the Ombudsman is already dealing with, with learning problems of children in bilingual schools due to stipulations regarding the Hungarian language, and the question of the possibility of participation of representatives of the Hungarian national community in the elections in Slovenia.

The Ombudsman also told the Ambassador that regarding the protection of minority rights he is in constant contact with the Minority Members of Parliament Ferenc Horvath and Felice Žiža, and that in cases when minority community representatives do not turn to the Ombudsman, the institution still works proactively. The Ambassador expressed satisfaction that information about the role of the Ombudsman is also available to the Hungarian Self-Governing National Community in the premises of the Municipality through the Ombudsman’s Corner, the Ombudsman’s website, and updated presentation leaflets.


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