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Ombudsman Svetina to Decision Makers: “Care for the rights of women is also care for an inclusive society!”

Simbolna fotografija: Ženski držita svet

Women’s Day is a day when we closely examine all the achievements or obstacles in enforcing the rights of women. The Ombudsman does detect certain positive legislative measures underway in Slovenia, but several fields remain that demand further attention for the improvement of the position of women and achievement of gender equality.

Formal and legal equality of women and men does not also mean actual equality in society. Especially worrying are femicides and violence against women. Wage disparities between women and men for the same work are still current, while the labour market is more merciless on women who want to occupy leading positions than it is on men. It is not admissible that women, especially those over the age of 59, are exposed to the risk of poverty. In addition to all of the above, they also carry a disproportionate share of the burden of caring for family members, including of the extended family, while to top it all, there have been ideas about revoking some of their rights, such as the decision about giving birth to children. Numerous generations of women have fought for their rights, hence it is inadmissible to intervene in them. Thus, Women’s Day will continue to be necessary for as long as there are ideas about the limitation of the rights of women and as long as women do not actually fully enjoy their rights.

Upon their special day, it is my wish that while striving to implement their rights, women are met with open ears and minds by those who must build their world, too. I would like to remind the decision makers that if the needs and wants of women are met, society becomes a society of prosperity for all and bears the unmistakable mark of “inclusivity”.