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Pomurje Roma Adopt Comprehensive Development Strategy

26.01.2013 10:57
Category: work and news

Murska Sobota, 26 February (STA) - The first comprehensive regional development strategy for the Roma community in the NE region of Pomurje was presented in Murska Sobota on Tuesday. The strategy, drawn up by local development agency RRA Mura, identifies key development areas for the community by developing on the current situation and projects.

The programme, which will run until 2020, was welcomed Vlasta Nussdorfer in her first public appearance as human rights ombudsman. Nussdorfer promised her assistance in efforts to resolve the problems of the Roma community.

The strategy was drawn up by the Romano Kher - Roma House Project Group, which is operating as part of RRA Mura, and outlines four focus areas aimed at bolstering the community's social status.

They include the raising of the employment rate among the Roma with an approach adapted to individuals, the training of Roma town councillors and activists, international scientific and artistic cooperation - 12 million Roma live in the EU without parliamentary representation - and the setting up of a Roma development agency.

Cooperation has so far been promised by representatives of eight out of 11 municipalities in Pomurje which are home to a Roma community numbering around 3,200 members.

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