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Pollution in Focus as Ombudsman Meets Environment Minister

13.01.2015 16:19
Category: work and news

Ljubljana, 13 January (STA) - Pollution was in the focus during a meeting Human Rights Ombudsman Vlasta Nussdorfer held with Environment and Spatial Planning Minister Irena Majcen on Tuesday. Nussdorfer presented to the minister the environmental issues for which people most often complaint to the ombudsman.

Air pollution issues related to French-owned cement maker Lafarge Cement, located in the town of Trbovlje, and soil pollution from past operations of Celje chemical company Cinkarna Celje are among the issues most often addressed by those who turn to the ombudsman for help.

"After eight years, we are back to square one," Nussdorfer said of Lafarge Cement, which has been trying to get a permit to burn waste for years despite strong objections from locals.

"There is no environmental permit, the issue has been referred back to the Environmental Agency and raises a number of questions as regards the jurisdiction of inspection services," she said.

Majcen agreed with the ombudsman that the procedure was taking a very long time, underlining that the ministry devoted a lot of time to the Lafarge-related issues.

The pair moreover talked about soil pollution on the site of Cinkarna Celje and the Mežica valley, where there is a high content of lead in the soil.

Nussdorfer said that her office will keep a close eye on the general health of the population in these areas and will continue to demand action from authorities.

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