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Ombudsman’s statement on collecting signatures to put forward the Family Code referendum

06.01.2012 15:46
Category: work and news

The Human Rights Ombudsman of the Republic of Slovenia has received several questions from reporters regarding the publication of a video clip available at the Dnevnik newspaper web page. The clip was recorded in front of a stand at which signatures were collected to put forward the Family Code referendum. In the clip, when a citizen states that siblings are not allowed to have children with one another, a member of the civil initiative responds that under the new Code, that will be allowed.

The Ombudsman responded to reporters’ questions regarding this matter that she has no competence in relation to private persons and civil associations, therefore, she cannot act directly in this case. Nevertheless, we estimate that the video clip shows and proves that collection of signatures for the Family Code referendum is based on false statements and half-truths, which represents deception of potential supporters of the referendum and of the rest of the public and is by no means a good basis for the pre-referendum campaign.

Therefore, ombudsman Zdenka Čebašek-Travnik, PhD, calls upon everybody taking part in collecting signatures and involved in the upcoming pre-referendum campaign to speak and write about only what is truly stated in the Family Code, the adoption of which we will vote on in the referendum if it is put forward.

The Ombudsman also advises citizens to look at the content of the Code themselves, to find reliable information (which is accessible to the public) and to be tolerant and respectful during discussions with people of different opinions.

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