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Ombudsman's Powers Should Be Expanded, Debate Hears

19.12.2013 09:30
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Former Ombudsmen Zdenka Čebašek Travnik (left) and Matjaž Hanžek (centre) and incumbent Vlasta Nussdorfer (right) at a round table debate on the role of the ombudsman.
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Ljubljana, 19 December (STA) - The powers of Slovenia's human rights ombudsman should be expanded, a round table debate marking 20 years since the ombudsman's office was established heard on Thursday.

Retired law professor Ljubo Bavcon said that the institute of the ombudsman does not have to be changed except maybe have its powers expanded so as to be able to detect worker exploitation in the private sector.

Former Constitutional Court Judge Matevž Krivic believes the ombudsman should get the right to suspensive veto to stay unconstitutional laws. The possibility to launch a constitutional review is very important, he said, but it may take months for a ruling to be made.

Legal expert Gorazd Trpin, who helped write the law introducing the human rights ombudsman in Slovenia, advised incumbent Vlasta Nussdorfer to boost her informal work, including creating forums that could offer help from retired legal experts.

A group of debate participants underlined the need for a national institution for human rights, among them Nussdorfer's predecessor Zdenka Čebašek Travnik (2007-2013). She said that no government wanted to hear anything about it.

Matjaž Hanžek (2001-2007), who was ombudsman before Čebašek Travnik, said that they made efforts to set up such an institution in 2002. He was also critical of the politicians' attitude towards human rights.

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