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Ombudsman's Letter to the Management of Luka Koper

05.08.2011 13:05
Category: work and news

After having requested information on the activities of the Labour Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia regarding a strike by the employees of companies providing services for Luka Koper d.d. (Port of Koper), the Slovenian Human Rights Ombudsman (HRO) also sent a letter to the port's management. Despite the fact that the operations of companies do not fall within the competence of the HRO, she nevertheless submitted her view on the issue in question, since the Republic of Slovenia is the majority owner of Luka Koper d.d. A copy was also sent to the company's supervisory board and the Ministry of Transport, for their information.

The HRO's assistance was sought by workers employed by Luka Koper contractors; they went on strike due to unbearable conditions. The initiators stated that the provisions of the Employment Relationships Act regulating the employees' right to a break and rest during work (lunch break, a break between two working days, etc.) are as a rule not observed. Moreover, they referred to a monthly workload of over 300 hours and uninterrupted working days sometimes lasting 24 hours and more. They claim that the workers are permanently at the employer's disposal (stand-by), but do not receive adequate reimbursement for this.

In addition, several issues in the field of safety at work allegedly remain unresolved. The ever-increasing workload is reflected in unbearable working conditions. Furthermore, they report several accidents at work in the area of Luka Koper. The initiators also allege certain other irregularities, particularly regarding payment for the work provided.

The HRO welcomed the decision of the Luka Koper management board to actively take part in addressing these issues. She also expressed her satisfaction with the decision that the new contracts concluded with providers of port services would include a provision requiring the observation of the labour legislation. She also suggested that the addressee takes any possible measures in order to ensure that labour and other relevant legislation will be observed regarding employees performing their work in the area of Luka Koper in the future. The implementation of these arrangements will be monitored by the HRO within her competences.

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