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Ombudsman says her office points to same issues as CoE report

12.07.2017 13:47
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Human Rights Ombudsman Vlasta Nussdorfer has said that a report on human rights in Slovenia, published by the Council of Europe (CoE) yesterday, highlights mostly the same issues as her office.

Acknowledging that she had not the time to study the report by CoE Human Rights Commissioner Nils Muižnieks yet, Nussdorfer recalled yesterday that she had met the commissioner during his visit to Slovenia to discuss human rights.

She told the STA that the office had informed Muižnieks about all the issues in the country, including about the matters the ombudsman had pointed to in all its annual reports.

The commissioner expressed interest in the situation of the Roma community and about the nationals of former Yugoslav republics who had been erased from Slovenia's register of permanent residents in 1992. Above all, he was interested in Slovenia's dealing with migrants and refugees.

Pointing to the commissioner's call on the government not to implement the recently passed changes to the aliens act, Nussdorfer said that her office had requested a constitutional review of the measure in April, a month after Muižnieks's visit to the country.

"We provided him with all the information the ombudsman has, as we monitor all these fields very carefully," Nussdorfer said on Tuesday.

"All Muižnieks speaks about in the report is also the result of meetings with numerous stakeholders in Slovenia," she stressed.

During the March visit, Muižnieks met top politicians and officials as well as NGOs to discuss the human rights of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants, the Roma and the erased, as well as the issue of poverty.

In the report, the commissioner lauded Slovenia for its efforts in ensuring human rights over the recent years. However, Slovenia will have to step up efforts to protect the most vulnerable groups such as migrants and the Roma.


Source: STA



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