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Ombudsman Measures Room Temperatures in Ljubljana Prison, the Ljubljana University Medical Centre and Home for the Elderly

13.07.2011 13:09
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On 11 July 2011, two representatives of the Slovenian Human Rights Ombudsman (HRO) visited Ljubljana Institution for Serving Prison Sentence (Ljubljana Prison), Ljubljana University Medical Centre (UMC Ljubljana) and the Residential Home Centre for the Elderly (Tabor-Poljane) to measure the temperatures in certain living quarters and working premises. The temperatures in the aforementioned institutions (except in the home for the elderly) were also measured by the HRO in 2009 and 2010.

The HRO has established that during the three-year period of monitoring the temperatures in the summer months, the situation has not substantially changed and that for the residents, the prisoners or persons in detention, as well as for the staff of these institutions, the conditions are clearly unfavourable.

In the Centre for Intensive Therapy of the UMC, the temperature measured between 12:15 and 13:30 hours was 29 °C, with an ambient air temperature of 35.8 °C. In one of the hospital rooms of the Medical Department for Traumatology, the temperature measured was 29.4 °C, whereas in a ward of the Medical Department for Urology, the temperature was no less than 29.8 °C.
In the Center Residential Home for the Elderly (Tabor- Poljane) in Poljane, the temperatures measured between 14:54 and 15:25 hours in the four selected rooms were all above 30 °C, with a maximum of 30.4 °C and an ambient air temperature of 38.1 °C.

The temperatures in the living quarters of convicts in Ljubljana Prison measured between 14:00 and 15:00 hours rose up to 30.7 °C, with an ambient air temperature of 37.4 °C. On the ground floor, the temperature in the office of the judicial police was 30.2 °C.

The HRO again draws attention of the administrations of these institutions and the competent ministries to unfavourable conditions of living and working in hospitals, prisons and homes for the elderly in the period of extreme temperatures during summer.

The HRO recommends that they adopt appropriate measures in order to ensure decent living conditions for the most vulnerable population groups, particularly those whose ability to move is limited due to their health condition.

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