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Ombudsman Gives 150 Recommendations in 2013 Report

02.07.2014 15:30
Category: work and news

Ljubljana, 2 July (STA) - Ombudsman Vlasta Nussdorfer stressed that the report on human rights for 2013 was the most extensive in all 20 years of the office's existence as she handed over the report to Speaker Janko Veber. She noted that her office had drafted 150 recommendations, and that most of the violations were registered in welfare.

The ombudsman believes that "an individual is often very small at the state's gates and when they try to get through, they often encounter obstacles". The righting of wrongs is expensive and the respect of human rights is surely more economical.

Nussdorfer, who took over in February 2013, stressed the legislation was quickly changing, also because of the financial crisis, while solutions were sometimes not thought through, some even violate the Constitution. "The economic crisis must not trigger rash changes of the legislation and thus the curbing of human rights."

The report shows that the judiciary still works too slow, with procedures lasting unacceptably long. The most pressing area, according to Nussdorfer, is labour- related rights, as many are unemployed, while supervision is lacking.

The number of contemporary forms of worker exploitation is growing, while there are still no systemic solutions for certain issues, said the human rights ombudsman.

Other issues highlighted in the report are hate speech, especially on the internet, as well as rights pertaining to healthcare, environment and local administration.

The ombudsman noted that this year's report was slightly different as her office marked whether a certain recommendation was given for the first or second time or it was a constant in the report. Apart from that the report also praises institutions that have made progress in the past year.

While expressing content that the recommendations from the previous report had been passed by parliament, some "have sadly not been implemented". She hopes this will not repeat this year. Touching on the 13 July general elections, Nussdorfer urged the candidates to read the report.

The report will most likely get through parliament in September, Veber meanwhile noted as the pair addressed the press, adding that this was another reason for the government to be formed as soon as possible after the election.

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