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Ombudsman finds govt effort to ensure primary school attendance lacking

19.02.2018 12:43
Category: work and news

The Human Rights Ombudsman has not been convinced by the government's proposal to withhold child benefits from parents whose children do not attend primary school. It said on Friday that the move would cut funds meant to help families raise children.

Filed in parliament in early December, the changes to the law on parental leave and family benefits stipulate that one of the parents will not be entitled to the child benefit if there is no justified reason for the truancy.

The measure has been designed primarily as an incentive for Roma parents to send their children to school after the education inspection service raised this issue in its 2016 report.

However, the office of the human rights ombudsman said the provision was vague and would create many problems in practice.

It does not set the period of unjustified non-attendance, and it does not set the period in which the parents would be left without the benefit.



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