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Ombudsman Finds Elements of Hate in Prime Minister's Speech

11.02.2013 15:18
Category: work and news

Ljubljana, 11 February (STA) - Human Rights Ombudsman dr. Zdenka Čebašek Travnik has joined criticism of the 8 February speech of Prime Minister Janez Janša, saying Monday it contained "elements of instigation of hatred and intolerance".

"Designating those who think differently with left fascism is a bad signal for all participants of public debates, for it expands the limits of what is permissible towards acceptance of hate speech or hate and intolerance in public discourse," she said.

Dr. Čebašek Travnik said politicians should encourage tolerance and solidarity in society, not highlighting differences and instigating intolerance, as their "inappropriate statements" set a bad example.

She noted that the state prosecutors ought to decide whether the speech falls within the scope of Article 297 of the Penal Code on the inciting of hatred, violence and intolerance.

Criminal law "must play its part" by setting the limit between what is permitted and what is not permitted, she said.

Janša delivered a speech on Friday to a pro-government rally of the Assembly for the Republic in which he called for a determined stance against "left fascism".

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