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Ombudsman Finds Authorities Need to Bolster Readiness for Refugees

25.09.2015 09:27
Category: work and news

Human Rights Ombudsman Vlasta Nussdorfer has assessed that the authorities need to bolster their readiness for the wave of refugees that could arrive in Slovenia as part of the ongoing migration crisis.

After a meeting with representatives of the civil society on Friday to discuss the crisis, Nussdorfer and the participants said that the first wave of arrivals last weekend had exposed several shortcomings in the authorities' readiness for the crisis.

Among the key issues, coordination among the various institutions was found lacking.

The participants of today's meeting assessed that Slovenia largely managed to deal with the first wave of arrivals successfully with the help of the work performed by civil society and the many volunteers.

The meeting also praised the work of the police in handling the mass arrivals, although they wondered whether the police lines at the border were necessary.

Refugees should not be made to wait at the border, as this is inhumane and illegal, representatives of the civil society said.

The main lacking ingredient in the response of the authorities was a clear communication plan. The public was not provided enough information about the measures planned, which contributed to concern and a rise in intolerance.

The refugees also failed to get information quickly enough and there was a notable lack of translators.

The meeting with Nussdorfer was attended by representatives of charities and NGOs, including Amnesty International Slovenija, the Red Cross, the Slovenian Philanthrophy, Caritas, the Slovenian office of UNICEF, the Peace Institute, Institute for African Studies and several other organisations.

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