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Ombudsman Critical about Education Funding Cuts

29.01.2015 16:22
Category: work and news

Ljubljana, 15 January (STA) - The Human Rights Ombudsman joined on Thursday the debate on the EUR 10m cut in the education funds planned by the government, expressing criticism that the measures will abolish the funding of additional teaching aids to special needs children.

The ombudsman's office said in a press release that the government did not specify how long the cuts would be in place.

The EUR 10m savings plan imposed on 1 January includes several measures, but the biggest cut, worth over EUR 3m, was imposed on teaching aids for special needs children.

The ombudsman pointed out that Slovenia was obligated to work to the benefit of children and provide them with the best education, health care and welfare possible in line with the Children's Rights Convention.

The government could find a number of other fields where funds are being spent carelessly and without oversight, the press release said, adding that the cuts in teaching aids should be scrapped.

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