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Ombudsman clears decision in custody case

08.04.2016 16:16
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The Human Rights Ombudsman of the republic of Slovenia has found no violation in a child custody case that prompted the largest opposition party to announce a no-confidence motion against Minister Anja Kopač Mrak.

The case involves two children who had been staying with their grandparents after their father killed their mother but were subsequently sent into foster care.

Based on information acquired from social services, the ombudsman found that the children's rights were not violated in the case, reporters were told at a press conference on Friday.

The officials explained that the children were not taken away from their grandparents but rather from the father, who still has parental rights and gave his consent for the children to be placed into foster care.

Deputy Ombudsman Tone Dolčič said the arguments in favour of foster care in this case were sound. He would not explain further beyond saying they did not concern the grandparents' age or the size of their apartment.

Despite murdering the children's mother, the father still has parental rights, something that Dolčič does not deem right. The social services are in a position to propose he be stripped of the rights by court.

Ombudsman Vlasta Nussdorfer added that while the father had an opportunity to state his opinion in the procedure, the decision was taken by the social services.

Nussdorfer criticised the public and media attention given to the case, arguing that it was not right for "everyone in Slovenia" to be stating their opinion about a case the details of which they did not know.

"What do we do - organise televoting and then reach a judgement in the evening," she wondered, urging the public to calm down for the sake of the children, who are traumatised as it is.

However, even though the ombudsman believes the two children have been well taken care of, Nussdorfer urged the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs to amend legislation so as to give grandparents a say in such procedures.

The ministry responded that it was drawing up comprehensive changes to family legislation which would soon be submitted to public consultation.

The proposals are similar to those contained in the family law which was rejected in a 2012 referendum called by opponents of gay adoptions.


SOURCE: STA (Slovenian Press Agency)

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