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Ombudsman Challenges Part of Austerity Act

13.06.2012 13:11
Category: work and news

Ljubljana, 13 June (STA) - Human Rights Ombudsman Zdenka Čebašek Travnik filed Wednesday for a constitutional review of a part of the act on the balancing of public finances dealing with retirement conditions, which is aimed at pensioning off public employees meeting the criteria for retirement.

The ombudsman filed the request on behalf of Ljubljana University Chancellor Stanislav Pejovnik, who said the law would have "grave direct and long-term consequences for affected university teachers, as well as research and teaching activities" at Slovenian universities.

The ombudsman reasons that the act violates several parts of the Constitution, including those dealing with age and gender discrimination, the autonomy of universities and the principle of legitimate expectation.

This is the second request for a constitutional review of the austerity act. The ZSSS, Slovenia's largest trade union confederation, filed a similar request in the beginning of June, asking the Constitutional Court to examine provisions dealing with holiday allowances, retirement conditions and the so-called protected wages.

Both petitioners have also asked the Constitutional Court to suspend the contentious parts of the act until a final decision is made. The court is expected to begin considering the proposal tomorrow.

Having come into force on 1 June, the law on the balancing of public finances however does provide for exceptions. The employer and the public employee can agree on extending the employment contract in cases where a termination would affect the work process.

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