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Journalist to Be Stripped of Award over Comments on Migrants

29.08.2015 09:30
Category: work and news

The Association of Journalists and Commentators (ZNP), one of the two Slovenian reporters' associations, has decided to launch the process of stripping journalist Sebastjan Erlah of an award due to his recent comments about migrants from the Middle East, the ZNP said in a press release.

Erlah is to be stripped of the 2013 Borut Meško Award for special media achievements because his recent comments on the migrants "exceeded all tolerable limits" and are indirectly also harming the association.

Although Erlah is not a member of the ZNP, many associate him with it because he has received its award, the ZNP said.

News portals have been reporting of a correspondence on Twitter between Erlah and Lejla Irgl, the sister of opposition Democrats (SDS) deputy Eva Irgl, which could be characterised as hate speech.

While welcoming a diversity of opinions on the refugee crisis, the ZNP said that spreading or inciting violence was absolutely unacceptable.

Intolerance and hate speech in discussions on the refugees in social media have also been condemned by the country's biggest reporter's association, the Slovenian Journalists' Association, the Peace Institute, the Human Rights Ombudsman Office and NGO Amnesty International.

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