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Job Insecurity in Slovenia Felt Above EU Average

26.09.2012 11:08
Category: work and news

Ljubljana, 26 September (STA) - Workers in Slovenia work more, but feel greater job insecurity compared to the EU average and are mostly exposed to stress, shows a report on psycho-social risks at work presented on Wednesday.

Moreover, the report - compiled by researchers of the Ljubljana Faculty of Social Sciences from a European study on working conditions and a Slovenian module on psychological and health risks in the workplace, both from 2010 - shows that Slovenian workers are less satisfied with their jobs than EU citizens on average.

However, Slovenian workers tend to show up at work more even when they have justifiable reasons to stay at home.

Almost 80% of workers are under stress at work and over 40% experience general fatigue.

Human Rights Ombudsman dr. Zdenka Čebašek Travnik, who addressed the presentation, explained that the anonymous reports she gets reveal the ineffectiveness of existing protection against general harassment and mobbing.

Those who feel the most endangered fear to report problems, since those who point to irregularities are usually exposed the most to mobbing, she said, adding that reports mostly come from the public sector.

Employers very rarely take complaints of their employees as suggestions for improvements, she stressed.

In his address at the presentation, Labour, Family and Social Affairs Minister Andrej Vizjak noted that pressure on employees and also on employers increases in a time of crisis.

Along with regulation, he finds prevention and raising awareness crucial in fighting worker abuse.

Exerting pressure can serve as a means of letting off steam in the short term, but notably reduces work efficiency in the long run and leaves a lasting mark on workers' health, he stressed.

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